The Adelante Circle

Do you want to make a meaningful difference in young people's lives? Givemonthly.

The Adelante Circle is our community of monthly donors empowering young people through education.

When asking young people in Honduras about their hopes and dreams for the future, the phrase salir adelante often pops up.

So what does that mean?

To overcome obstacles.
To persist and persevere.
To keep moving forward.

Your monthly gift enables our young people – and OYE – to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Join the circle today with a monthly gift of any amount.

Because of you, young people like Andrea have the opportunity to keep moving forward. Saliradelante.

Andrea doesn't know what her family would have done without OYE over the last year. Before the pandemic, her father worked in construction and an older sister as a housekeeper. When the country went into lockdown, their already limited income was reduced to nothing. With abundant encouragement and scholarship support, Andrea persisted and became the first in her family to graduate from high school.

Watch the video below to hear directly from Andrea on what she's been through and where she's headed!

Why give monthly?

It's convenient.

Beyond being hassle-free, monthly giving allows you to budget your donations and give more generously throughout the year.

Girl Studying at Home

It's a community.

When you join the Adelante Circle, you become a part of a community of friends from all over the world. As a cherished member of this community, you will receive special updates on our scholars and other surprises along the way.

Students Studying at Home

It's sustainable.

Monthly gifts provide sustainable income that we can count on each month, no matter what. Your consistent support ensures OYE can sustain 100+ scholarships each year and continue to grow responsibly and confidently.